Friday, November 6, 2009

$500 for being born?

A new proposal would give all children a savings account at birth with $500 in it. Not only does this seem like an insane proposal of spending in a time where the government should not be looking to increase costs but it also seems to be saying something really scary about peoples dependance on the government.

Call me old school but I just don't understand at what point the US mentality turned from people being responsible for their own children to the government being responsible for everyone's children? In theory I guess the plan sounds nice, but how much more taxes will these children be paying in their lifetime to fund stupid plans like this? Are there not federal and state grants and loans available to people who wish to get them to go to college? Are not low income children eligible for almost a free ride to any state college? This plan is to make people "feel better" knowing they have savings? They don't have savings, the government started saving for you. This would not make me feel better, it would make me feel worse, my parents didn't want to do the right thing and save for me so Uncle Sam had to step in as my parent. It sounds demeaning.

Is the whole point of these programs to have a generation so dependant on government that people no longer do anything for themselves? That is a scary thought to me. Uncle Sam, keep that $500, I already have more than that saved for my unborn daughters college education!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hep B vaccine for newborns? REALLY?

The most shocking thing I have heard in the last few months has to do with the Hepatitis B vaccine. (told you this would be vaccine heavy but this one is a must read)

Hepatitis B is a disease with low numbers of the population infected in the United States and it is spread by intravenous drug use, sexually, and from an infected mother to her newborn baby. So why does the CDC recommend injection of every single newborn with the vaccine before the baby even leaves the hospital? Especially when mothers to be are tested for the disease during their prenatal care? The answer will shock you, or at least I hope it does……

The chances of your baby (or any newborn not born to an infected mother) contracting Hep B is essentially 0%, well unless your baby likes to shoot dope or have sex with those who do. Why on earth would we be shooting our precious infants with strange chemicals to prevent this disease then? The million dollar answer is………. READY????.......... to eradicate this disease from the United States. That is it, has nothing to do with protecting your baby, it is to prevent future generations of intravenous drug users and those who have sex with them. How can this be right?

Hep B is not even that serious of a disease, most adults who contract it can clear on its own with no treatment and only a very small number actually die from the disease. If my child decides to become a intravenous drug user she can take full responsibility for those actions and take her chances with the risks associated from such activities. How do the drug companies get the government to mandate these vaccines? Big money and lobbyists is the answer and no one questions it. Maybe because most expectant mothers couldn’t dream of their doctor telling them to give their baby a shot in its first few hours of life for no other reason than to eradicate a disease associated with high risk activities BUT they do. Every day. How often do you think while in the hospital this vaccine is explained to a mother and father of a beautiful new baby? I would guess the number is shockingly low and most people want to trust their doctors and the CDC vaccine schedule, I on the other hand do not trust them one bit. If they are to do things like this, what other drugs and vaccines are we testing for them? Testing with our most precious of cargo?

In conclusion, I believe everyone should question what we are injecting our children with and weigh the benefits and risks, also your own personal risk factor (will your baby be in a day care setting? do you have a friend that has Hep B? etc.) before deciding on what to do with your newborns. My job is to protect my family, the governments job is to protect the public, sometimes those views will clash.....

what are YOU afraid to know?

Do you blindly believe what the government, doctors and the media spoon feed you? Or do you tend to question what the real agenda is?

If it is the latter this is the place for you.....

I guess my first few posts will be highly vaccine related. That is becuase that is what I have been questioning lately. I would really love to look into some other things and I have a few on my mind but please let me know if there is anything you are afraid to know the truth about.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

swine flu vaccine for pregnant women

In the first edition of my blog I would like to share something that deeply disturbs me as a pregnant woman.

The swine flu vaccine.......

According to the CDC pregnant women are a high risk group and should be the first to line up and get the flu vaccine. After a little research I found some shocking information in the actual product inserts for the two types of vaccines available for H1N1.

This is the product info for one version of the shot (sec. 8 says it was not tested on pregnant animals or women and should not be given to pregnant women because of unknown potential harms on the baby)

this is the product insert for the mist version (also not tested on pregnant women sec.8 again AND contains mercury)

Why is the government insisting that we run to the nearest wal*mart, target, pharmacy or doctor to get a shot that is untested and not even recommended by the companies that make these vaccines? I am afraid to know the answer